Sustainable salt cavern life cycles

Geology • Operation • Abandonment

Integrated concept for SalT Cavern operation and Abandonment

In order to provide the best possible prediction of the thermomechanical behavior of underground rock salt deposits, we combine our expertise on all scales: The scale of the grains in the salt formation where microscale studies shed light on the complex relationship between stress, strain, and permeability; the cavern scale, where in situ tests can provide data and challenge predictions; and the salt dome scale, where large scale computations and geoscience knowledge provide information on the virgin state stress distribution in the salt body.

Micro Scale

We use state-of-the-art techniques to thoroughly explore the site-specific microscale properties of the evaporite host rocks. These are of crucial importance to make reliable predictions about the thermomechanical behavior of the georeservoir.

Cavern Scale

We design and conduct customized field tests to calibrate high-resolution numerical models of salt caverns and to improve the prediction power of our multiscale modelling approaches.

Dome Scale

We integrate our constraints from laboratory-scale experiments and field tests into coupled numerical models to make predictions on the thermomechanical feedback and the long term stability of the host and adjacent rock formations.


In collaboration with our partner from PONDERA, our team worked on an multidiciplinary study for the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, focusing on assessing the risks of hydrogen storage in salt structures in the Netherlands.

Our study (KEM-28) is part of the KEM research program and has just beeen published.

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Our consortium consists of four consulting firms with different backgrounds. Together we have a wealth of experience that is unique worldwide to provide robust solutions in the field of underground storage and mining of rock salt.

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